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The most easy way to contact us is simply using the information provided here:

Riino Labs, is a company located in the Kingdom of Norway. Our office hours are from 09:00 - 16:00 Monday - Friday (Except from official holidays in Norway)

Contact Us

Take note that we are available all days of the week all year around for clients, friends and collaborators. We will get back to you outside office hours, but we might not respond to messages on weekends right away.

If you want to talk business, please use the information provided below:

Company Contact Details:

Our ordinary postal address is:

Riino Labs Olav Hovdhaugen,

P.O. Box 251,

NO6101 Volda,


Our email is:

ceo (at) rii (dot) no

Our phone number is:

+0047 97715140

And we are also social:

Friends and clients may reach us at our company phone number in office hours 09:00 - 16:00 (Norway time) Monday - Friday. Leave a message at our voice mail if there is no answer. Please understand that we typically do not call back people from outside Norway. Also we appreciate if you make a appointment for making a phone call ahead via electronic message. Thank you for understanding

Take note: We do not have time for people who call our number to sell us something. This is a very clear message for Norwegian companies who keep calling us during office hours after looking us up on the "Brønnøysund register" and want to sell us something. The information provided in this page and rules for engaging any form of contact applies to you too. We do not have the resources to answer all phone calls during office hours, so please do like everyone else: Contact us via electronic message first, and we will consider your request and get back to you. Thank you for understanding.

For using our services, or if you have any questions about our company or any inquiries about any Riino Labs projects or a specific web property; please use the contact information provided.

  • For any press related questions, please just reach out to us on the contact information provided in this site.
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Please read the following instructions carefully before you send a electronic message or letter addressed to the CEO of Riino Labs.

This contact information was inspired by the setup at Vladimir Putin’s private homepage
  • Please put the exact words "Riino Labs" correctly as subject of the electronic message before sending it. If your email does not contain these words as subject of the electronic message, it will not be read
  • Information on the current message will be sent to the CEO's email address made available in this site.
  • A reply to the electronic message will be sent via ordinary mail to the mailing address you add in the electronic message unless you ask us to respond via electronic message.
  • An electronic message must be maximum five thousand characters long.
  • A message will not be accepted for consideration if:
  • it contains obscene or offensive language.
  • the text is not written in English language (using the Latin alphabet), typed entirely in capital letters, or not broken down into sentences.
  • the mailing address indicated is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • the message is not addressed to the Innehaver/CEO with name and title as follows: Mr Olav Hovdhaugen
  • the message contains no specific inquiries, claims, complaints, suggestions or any relevant information related to the services of this or any of our other sites.
  • For messages related to our services, you must remember to specify what you want us to read starting with a headline in the email that sums up the purpose of your request
  • Personal data of those sending letters by e-mail is stored and processed in accordance with the regulations of Norwegian law on personal data. And also our company's privacy policy.
  • For any legal claims or complaints, please respect that all our domains ending with ".no"are registered with Domeneshop AS and are registered in the registry at Norid: - Norwegian laws apply to these domain names. That includes copyrights etc. If there are any issues regarding any of our domains ending with ".com" or any other aspects of content provided in our site, please specify and address these issues you might have in a informative and specified way that enables us to understand what any legal claims of yours is about and how that effect's any aspects of our domains or projects. Any legal issues will be solved in Norwegian court where our company is located.
  • If your electronic message is to be considered as spam by our company, you will not get a reply, and your message will be deleted. And if you have failed to followed our specifications on how to contact our CEO as mention in this section, you can not expect a reply.
  • Any attempt to e.g make a treat or blackmail our company, violate our terms of service or the standards of Norwegian and international laws; This might result in (at our company's discretion) to share your information with the appropriate agency (e.g the Police) if we find your message in any way to be disturbing or have any criminal content included; be it e.g illegal content, treats made against a person in our company or anyone affiliated or collaborating with our company