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Welcome to Riino Labs

Some information about our setup etc.

This site do use cookies.. But please read this entire page to get some information about how we don’t use any cookies and a little more about your privacy when visiting this site or communicating with us. And understand that we are trying to take this stuff seriously, since “the laws” of the “internet” tells us too.

A little something about what happens when you visit our company sites or contact us via the internet, mail or phone etc

Please read the information provided in this page to understand how our site handles your information and use of our site. If you after reading this page continue to use our site(s) you agree to our Cookie Policy (No cookies here, not now.. only on the plate) and Privacy Policy.

As we received a letter from The Norwegian Communication Authority (website: nkom.no) where they make us aware we have to inform our visitors about what happens when you visit our site, and especially about our use of cookies and how we analyze traffic to our site(s), and how the information you send to us via email or social media accounts etc (if your able to find us on any) is handled.. We decided to write a little thing about just that.

About our use of Cookies:

We use Google Analytics. You can read more about how Google Analytics works at: https://analytics.google.com/ or read more on Wikipedia at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Analytics

You may also opt out from Google Analytics by visiting: tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

Riino Labs and out other sites use the information from Google Analytics in accordance with Google INC/Alphabet INC rules and conditions.

Payment setup:

We do have a little bank account linked to a PayPal account, but let's be honest about that, there is pretty much a entirely proportion of more money being sent out of our bank: Sparebanken Møre (http://sbm.no) that what is coming in. I can proudly announce as a private individual, that this is the best bank I have ever used!

If if you are a tax part in our company (http://skatteetaten.no) or have any issues or have any concerns; I pretty much fund this stuff out of my own pocket. And believe me, I am not a rich man. And I really hate money, even if it can be fun to have a roof over my head, food on the table and stuff like that. But is that not really a personal thing? Like what? I don't have any secret stash of cash, stocks or hidden away any funds anywhere in some "Panama Paper" style set up. And I never bill with a fork, that I use to carve up and eat things when I am hungry.

In rare circumstances - this may also happen:

In the event of a treat made to us or any criminal attack to our company in any way including espionage or hacking, we may contact the appropriate authority in our country to find assistance in tracking down and sorting out any problems like that the best we can. If the appropriate authority starts a investigation, we must make you aware that somewhere out there in the "system" it's possible to track you down.

Privacy Policy: (and general Privacy related information)

Another thing about your Privacy when visiting our Company sites (and domains) is that it variates a lot what information that (external parties we have no control) off process your online surfing habits depending on several factors like e.g what kind of browser you use. E.g what happens if you use Microsoft Edge or maybe Vivaldi browser? We have no control over it. And have no access to any user information from such companies. Our company prefers the browser called Chrome. Anyways, know that if you surf the web using any of the browsers on the market, the company behind this browser may collect information about what you do online.. Even if your in what some would call "Incognito mode" or what e.g Mozilla coders called "Porn Mode" We have no control of this information, and can't do anything about it. These organizations have their own approach about how they analyze and process this information.

There is also the factor of the service provider you use. Be it you surf the web and visit our site via phone, mobile broadband or "in the wall" internet, the operator that offers these services to you when you connect to the internet, will (most likely) in some way analyze what you do on the internet in one way or another. That is also something YOU have to find out about on your own. And again not any information our company have access to.

We also have to mention depending on your location in the world, different laws may apply to your use of the internet, that also affects your visit of this site or any of our other company sites. Your nations agencies may register your visits to this site and analyze the content you read here and have their own approaches on how and what they do about that. If you feel like reading and researching about this topic, we advice you to read up on people like ("whistle blower") Mr. Edward Snowden. OK, Mr. Snowden may have crossed a line when it comes to the code of honor in his line of work, but he DID actually educate the world on a scary trend. These matters can be a little extensive to "wrap your head around": Sort of like when I try to explain my mum about that there are satellites orbiting around planet earth taking trillions of photo's at any given time. Or when I want to "flip" the head of my friends and talk about the telescope/satellite the Chinese are building to try and get in touch with "Aliens". And why not read a little about the WikiLeaks projects too? Guy who started that, have been hiding in a Embassy now for over 4 years. Good he got a cat with a Twitter account. That can be really eye opening stuff when it comes to understanding how your online activity information is harvested not only by big companies, but also various agency's around the world if you open your mind to the above mentioned section and other stuff I write about in this site.

What else do we need to mention? Hmm... If you look up our company phone number and give us a call, send us a email or write us a letter, we can not fully guarantee that someone besides our company or your company or the person you contact at our firm or the person receiving your method of communication is 100% guaranteed to be 100% un interfered by a third party. Be it our company phone service company, the postal service or our email service provider etc.

Just a few basic facts about our company communications set up:

Phone set up:

Our phone company is currently Telia AS Norway: http://telia.no

Postal setup:

Our postal address goes to a post office box, operated by Posten Norge AS.

You can find all the information you need about their service and customs rules at their site: http://posten.no/en/

We strongly advice you send sensitive information by courier or post

Email setup:

Our email service is provided by Domenshop AS: http://domeneshop.no - A company located in Norway. And from what we know, our mail server is also located in Norway. You can read more about the email service at the homepage of Domeneshop AS. We do not store any emails sent to us, that is not essential for us to keep a dialog. We also delete all emails if your not a client with us anymore, or if a email and the information of the email is not important for us to store. Generally we delete most emails after reading them. And always delete all emails if communication between our company and yours as a person or company ends or no longer have no value to us. We do not resell or share any information shared with us if you email us. Any confidential emails we prefer deleting after we reply. Some emails sent to us may be stored in folders for future reference, but are mostly deleted. Any email we consider SPAM are deleted at once. If you reach out to us via electronic message and attach any files these are filtered. We never open any attached files that comes from people or companies we have never heard of before. These are simply just moved to our spam folder and deleted immediately. At our end, we handle all emails confidentially and it is our policy never to share any information you send us with others, steal your ideas or any other un serious handling of your information shared. If you give us advice or feedback that is in anyway with your approval included or used in our service or company web properties, you will be duly credited.

Server setup:

When it comes to our server set up, this is provided by our web site creation setup at thegrid.io - Here again our servers are provided by Github and to our understanding, their servers again are hosted on cloud severs provided by Amazon Inc. We have no control of how the mentioned companies: The Grid, Github or Amazon handles your information, but if you research these companies on your own and read about them, we are most certain you will be able to understand how they operate. All domains owned by our company, is registered with Domeneshop AS, Norway and we use these domains under the category of DNS, so you can also research how that works

Our site is following Norwegian law as best we can, something that changes a lot since we are a EFTA country and we almost daily get new rules from the EU. Our country laws in this area may be changed in four year cycles very frequently depending who wins our elections within Norway and also the general international situation at any given time. E.g Who is friends with who and who is not. (Factors we have no control over) But let it be VERY clear from our point of view, we are in favor of world peace, and everybody being friends with everybody.

How we handle your information:

The owner of this site will handle all information we gain access to if you share information with us in any way of communication e.g electronic message etc confidentially and in accordance to Norwegian law. And this type of information is never shared with a third party unless you expressly give us permission to do so; if the services of our company or a for example a consulting job you hire us to do demands us to e.g seek advice with e.g programming experts or any party we need to ask for advice on a task assigned to our company by you, if that is something you give us permission to do.

How do we handle sensitive information from our clients?

You may have heard about Swiss banks? Yes, that is correct: They treat each client with the utmost respect and confidentiality. That is the same standard and etiquette we live by at Riino Labs. Our company motto is actually when concerning matters like this, simply: "It's in the vault" - And we take this seriously! Being breed up with philosophy's guiding the creation of TV shows; Seinfeld, or Curb Your Enthusiasm, Let's just past a little funny link at the end on how that works: https://youtube.com/watch?v=_COssGgD1aY

OK, on our end, we think we now have described to our best knowledge the setup behind our websites. If there is still something you are uncertain of, please feel free to contact us.

And in the end, a message in Norwegian:

Norsk Kommunikasjonsmyndighet om det fortsatt er noe Dere synes vårt selskap ikke informerer godt nok om til våre besøkende, så skriv gjerne et brev til. Vi er et enkeltpersonforetak registrert i Brønnøysundregisteret. Vi gjør vårt beste for å imøtekomme den standarden dere setter og også og følge Ekomloven så godt vi kan. Men dessverre så er vi ikke noe klokere enn Edward Snowden, så dere som vet alt, må gjerne si ifra om det fortsatt er noe vi ikke har forstått eller om Dere føler vi ikke tar dere på alvor. Vi prøver bare vårt beste. Nå har vi hørt rykter om nye lover som kommer for kommunikasjon i Norge, så vi vil gjøre vårt beste for å holde oss oppdatert. Ta gjerne kontakt om dere føler at vår organisasjon ikke er transparent nok eller presenterer informasjon etter ekomloven på en tilfredsstillende måte. Takk for deres forståelse og viktige arbeid.

General information about Norwegian Laws:

You are advised to further explore Norwegian laws on your own, if you are interested at this site: http://lovdata.no

If you feel any angels is not addressed here, or there is something you would like to see added or have any suggestions, concerns or feedback: Make your way to our "Contact Us" Section, and we will address any issue not addressed properly here as soon as we can.

No reason to worry really, we post this mostly as to ensure you can relax and feel "at home" when visiting our site(s)

Kind Regards

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