Our portfolio - A brief introduction:


Brief about our main project - "Revolutionary Innovative Intelligentsia"

We aim to be a think tank and community for people who want to create new ideas online and offline for improving the world! From small to big ideas. We have just taken our first few steps towards this with this site and we will work our asses off to create a leap board for new ideas to be put in system. "RII" is a initiative by Riino Labs, Norway.

This is our company site built using The Grid software. This site and our other sites will most definitely change over time. We will in addition to this site, build six other unique sites within our founding member account. Our founding member account at the Grid, allows us to build the total of: 7 sites. This will be some of our company's projects and also projects made for friends and family.

Please contact us if you want to collaborate or be involved in any of our projects. We can add collaborators to work with us on our projects.

Take note: at the moment we do not run any ads on our site, deliberately! Hope you enjoy that. We can not promise it will stay like that forever, so hope you appreciate this.

Thank you all for visiting our company page. Feel free to check out the project's listed below, and don't forget to visit again and see our projects evolve.

Our current projects/domains are mostly developed by one person, so don't be shocked if we don't have time to perform magic over night. You have to be patient with what we create, as we roll things out at our own paste. Nothing we create will be at all times a totally finished product, and we stress they are projects. As our ideas evolves and we have time to work on our projects, they will be updated, altered and changed at our own will without prior notice

Company Projects and Domain portfolio:

We have totally 6 projects (domains) under the wings of our company Riino Labs:

rii.no - Revolutionary Innovative Intelligentsia (Consulting)

Riino Labs at rii.no is the company site where all our other domains are organized under. Our service is very simple: We consult in concept creation and development. As you can read in the title “Innovative” that is just what we try to be. Give us a shot and pitch your ideas, and we will brainstorm on this and deliver some sneaky ideas to you

siteswedig.com - Sites We Dig Magazine (Magazine)

Sites We Dig is a experiment from Riino Labs, to extract cool stuff from the web and present it in a really cool way. We right now is just running a test version and let it sit there and work on it’s own. Our plan is to roll out this concept in a Magazine form, but for this we of course need some trusted collaborators

tankelesar.no - Tankelesar (Magazine)

“Tankelesar” translates into “Mind Reader” - This is a project that Riino Labs is having tremendous fun hatching out ideas for. We are working on a telepathy platform actually, where people can communicate by thinking in new ways.. Just wait you guys, this is going to be a HUGE leap for you people.. Give us time and we are going to BLOW your minds!

artcal.no - Art Calendar (Art Project)

ArtCal “Art Calendar” - How about a unique work of art presented for each month of the year as we go along. With random fun notes and photo’s and maybe even video’s from the process? Well, alias KODER is doing this amazing stunt that started April 7th 2017. Make sure you check this out, cause this is going to be incredibly comic and cool!

Client Sites:

bootshaus.no - Bootshaus (Holiday Rental Property)

Bootshaus is the German word you need to learn fast. This site will in time present a rental property by the sea.. It will even have a boat included and some sick scenery that will be worth the rent just by itself.. Maybe 1 or 2 years the build is finished and the place is up for rent for you guys! Yes, it’s being built as we speak.. Tranquility now!!!

kometland.no - Kometland (Astronomy Center)

The homepage of the world famous Knut B. Aarseth and his impressive Astronomy Center. This site is quite new, so it’s not completely developed yet. But it links to the Comet explorers blog, and also gives a neat presentation about the center. Look it up!

The mystery domain:

Our 7th site is a mystery

Stuff up for Sale:

We also have 2 domains that are up for sale/transfer. Please contact us if you are interested and we will walk you through a transfer process. We don’t really have a asking price for these domains, so feel free to make an offer.

Domains for sale:

Legal Information: (concerning out projects)

Our company projects, concepts and domains: are protected by Norwegian law: "Åndsverkloven" Please respect this law as we are a Company registered in the Kingdom of Norway. International laws may also apply and also EU laws since Norway is a EFTA member. Our philosophy about copyrights and concept and ideas etc, is that: "a idea is free until it is put into system". So be aware if you contact us and we bring a new ideas into your concept/company that in a way or another improve or add value to your projects, concepts etc, you must follow the mentioned "Åndverkloven" and credit the originator of e.g a idea or concept etc as proper customs says. We thank you for respecting this.

Please also read up on what our company is all about; by checking out and reading thoroughly all information provided around our site(s)

All the best

Olav Hovdhaugen, Norway - CEO and Founder

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