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Revolutionary Innovative Intelligentsia

Welcome to the Revolutionary Innovative Intelligentsia

A brief introduction about our main project hosted at the domain

Riino Labs is a wordplay on Rhino, summing up the letters of our domain (a Norwegian domain). "RII" is short for "Revolutionary Innovative Intelligentsia" and we added our domain extension “.no” and that summed up into the word “Riino” - A concept conceived by Riino Labs, Norway. Our goal is to inspire our site visitors to understand that the human mind can think in new ways and that we together can challenge ourselves to come up with ideas that can make the world a better place on a micro or macro level.

Our dream is that all humans one day will be connected to the internet and be able to share ideas that are creative for improving our life on the planet earth. We only have one planet, so we all have to be nice to each other and do our share to make it a better place. So that is why we decided to create this website to makes us able to reach out to anyone with access to the world wide web.

Any visitor can consider themselves a member of the Revolutionary Innovative Intelligentsia simply by visiting our site every now and then. In time we aim to connect anyone interested to be involved in this projects. As this project evolves, we hope to see many new ways of thinking, ideas and projects spring out from this. If we can inspire you with our publication and project, we are content and our mission is accomplished.

We choose The Grid to be our platform for our projects, and we will build this community and site as good as we possibly are able too within this software setup.

Thank you for showing interest for our projects. You're most welcome to visit again and keep up to date on the future developments of this site and our portfolio.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Update on August 9th 2016: A summer can change everything… We kind of tone down a little the sidekick to the “Intelligentsia” something that is kind of a Russian thing, and we will keep that still here at Riino Labs, but we will also play around with going about it thinking like this: That “rii” also may stand for “Really Interesting Ideas” We want to be that LAB that focus on creativity! And our main thing will be consulting for companies, and at the same time build/hack new things on what we call “Projects” - The Sky's the limit!

You may contact us if you are interested in joining our organization. We are a concept created and operated by the company Riino Labs, Norway. We will work hard to make this a place to share ideas and connect with people who are interested in solving problems and challenges and brainstorming new ideas. We want to be a innovative engine online. You can visit our site for inspiration on any platform be it PC, Tablet or your mobile.

We aim to form a organization (team) and online think tank for people around the world to come up with new ideas and put them into system. We will within this site create a hub for people with ideas (from big to small) and invite you to join our organization and community for together improving the world and help people think in new ways in our online and offline lives.

Kind Regards

Olav Hovdhaugen, Norway - CEO and Founder

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