Logo and Company History

Riino Labs Logo and Company History

Company History:

We are a one person company - In Norwegian: "enkeltpersonforetak" registered in Norway in the national registry "The Brønnøysund Register Center" homepage: brreg.no/home Our full company name is: "Riino Labs Olav Hovdhaugen" and our organization number is: 914560292

Riino Labs is a web concept consulting company located in the small college town Volda, on the West Coast of Norway.

We do not advice on technical solutions, but if needed we know some people who can do this work for you. And if you just need some suggestions for good setups to build a web site on, we could give you some tips if you need too. But once again, we are not in any way coding experts. We try and focus all our time on brainstorming and coming up with ideas and putting these ideas into system and follow up on these ideas as they evolve. And work around creating concepts; here we can offer to take a look at your projects or concepts and come with new ideas in anything from brand names, to things we think could benefit your concept etc. Well, basically our best advice is to just ask us to have a look at your project or company setup, and let us report back to you and follow you up until you feel happy and can move forwards. And then you can always reach out to us to "play ball" on any idea as long as you want too.

This page found on the domain rii.no dubbed "Riino Labs" witch is planned to be rolled out as a small online community for people who are interested in improving the world. Our mission is to be able to reach out to as many creative people there is out there and collaborate with people around the planet (and maybe inspire) to come up with new ideas and set them (into life and) into system. We are thinking to invite a limited number of people to become sort of members and join our community. We stress: this will not be another social media setup. I will be more a private membership setup for people who want to be a part of our concept "The Revolutionary Innovative Intelligentsia" (a concept created by Riino Labs, Norway). We kind of have coined that phrase, and we kind of like it. It sums up well what we aim to do. If needed, we can provide a (a) rii (dot) no email address exclusively to a limited number of people who want to be involved in our project and become team members.

Riino Labs - Is a Norwegian company located in Volda, Norway. We do not rent our own office, so if you for some reason need to visit us please contact us on the detail below and make a appointment. We do not travel much, so if you want to sit down for a business meeting or brainstorm you sort of have to find your way to Volda, Norway. That's where the real Mountain View is found. If you did not know. Off course friends of the owner of this company don' t have to make any appointment, but please give me a heads up!

Our main mission is to create new concepts and come up with new ideas and put them in system and into life. We own and operate and develop a limited number of web sites under the ownership of our company. We do also offer our consultation for people and companies that are also creating concepts online. Again we mostly focus on the idea part, and not so much the technical part.

We want to be sort of a think tank labs operating free from stockholders or people who will try to dictate us. In time we will bring in collaborators to create a great community of thinkers with new ideas. That have the same goal as us: Not to make a lot of money, but to actually improve the internet and services provided online. We are also very open to doing the same for things that happens offline too or in other kinds of Media... Be it from a article idea, to a book or a movie or TV show etc. Or just simply anything that can touch lives in one way or another and make our planet a better place. We can take a look at and advice on any business idea you have actually; be it your plowing the fields, or bake the best cake!

Creative thinking is a skill that can be learned. Our aim mostly is to be a place for people to exchange ideas and expand their minds and solve various problems and things that can lead into innovation in a field. From the small stuff to the big stuff.

Your welcome to join us, simply by seeing this community being born and developed. And if you want to get on board and join our team, please just send us a email or letter.

About the logo:

The logo is created by designer Veronika Madsen Jacobssen at Purpledoor Design, Norway - You may contact her for any design related questions or inquiries about her companies services at her Facebook page - Veronika holds a Bachelor degree in Media, IKT and design from Volda University College, Norway. Lots of talented people coming out from that College. Just a heads up for you tech and media companies

Our logo have been seen way more than 500.000+ times to our knowledge and are already well known and "worked in". This logo can only be used by our Company. If you want to use it on your site for e.g articles or links etc, please send us a request first.

A little more about us:

We actively encourage to join our project and spread the word about the projects of Riino Labs, Norway

Our company name is a word play on Rhino (the animal) summing up our domain name rii.no. Also this inspired the logo to be a tribute to the animal Rhino. (Let's hope it can be on this planet for a long time) The domain is also a shortened version for the "Revolutionary Innovative Intelligentsia" And that pretty much sums up what I was thinking when we decided to name the company Riino Labs.

This company was first and foremost started as a personal one man company to organize the private web projects of Mr Olav Hovdhaugen, Norway. This also allowed us to set up a company number to our domains with our registrar of choice domeneshop.no

Please visit our sites as often as you can and follow the progress. As everything happens in real time now, our project's are updated and curated without prior notice you: just need to wake up and pay attention.

Even more about us:

Our company was registered on the 3rd of December 2014. We launched our web site rii.no in January 2015. We then re registered the domain rii.no on June 17th 2015 to attach it to our Company portfolio

Business Plan:

As you might have noticed, it's common practice for a small company our size to start in the small then expand based on research results. Please let that address any financial and tax aspects, as I am not in a current position to fork out unlimited funds, please than also respect every penny we spend, and the time and work and complex issues on law standards we have to cover.

Our plan is just to keep working hard, and kick back and think hard…

Just stay tuned and see us take it from here

Kind Regards

Olav Hovdhaugen, Norway - CEO and Founder

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