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Following a post from early 2016:

As we play around with The Grid (the service provided by you will notice us tweak and experiment with our sites here for a long time ahead. Check back regularly for updates and changes, as all our projects in our portfolio will evolve and change as we move forwards with our ideas and come up with new approaches and ideas to our concepts.

Updates will come on the fly...


We are currently testing out version 1 and 2 from the service provided by that we signed up for as founding member in 2014.

There are some appealing sides of the services from we like to mention: the server space, simply amazing. And we also have faith that this set up can become something impressive in the future. We are confident that the company behind The Grid will work hard to improve their product. Currently we are still in a demo test version or BETA (using version 2). We are promised 18months service from launch of a full version on the 96USD we paid in their founding member fundraiser, so it will be really interesting to see where this project will go from here. We actively report back to the support team with suggestions from time to time to help improve the product the best way we can. We are lucky to have been with this project from the beginning and have a deal where we are locked in at a yearly flat rate of 96 USD pr year for the use of the services provided by The Grid, something that will save us a lot of server costs compared to our previous setup.

Don't worry if you experience any of our projects with some bugs right now as we are in Beta. For us it's not really about fancy design just yet. The team behind “The Grid” is the way we see it working similar to the old master painters using medium oil paint. You really just have to give things like that time and know what your doing. Yes Oil paint takes a long time to dry, but can survive time better than other paint mediums. What we are trying to say is that The Grid team is doing some quality groundbreaking work and we are proud to be in on testing it out. Don't forget it took quite some time before people started to understand what e.g Painter Vincent van Gogh was really doing...

If you reach out to us with any questions about The Grid and our experiences with their product so far, send us a email or a letter and we promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

Our company services as described in this site, is fully functioning. Take note that at the present time we are using a Beta version of to make all our web sites, so have some patience with us that our projects/domains might not be completely perfect at all times. But trust us, we are doing our very best to present and develop our projects as good as possible.

If you have any feedback on how our site comes up on your device or any content posted feel free to contact us.

Feel free to check back from time to time, as we will update this site and our other projects when we have the time and inspiration.

Here is a interesting mention about our homepage and our current set up using for designing our sites using Artificial Intelligence,

Read more from Russian IT expert:

Currently employed at the group (Empire of Russia)

Here is Mr ЮРИЙ ВЕТРОВ opinion about the Grid: Actually a very interesting site by the way for anyone interested in web site design. If you don't know how to read Russian, just use Google Translate.. (It will automatically do so if you use e.g Google Chrome)

News on June 5th 2016:

The kind team behind have granted us access to V2 (Version 2.0) of the beta for the web site creation system we use to build our sites! We would send a BIG thank you to our pal: Mr Jordy Webb from The Grid.

News on June 14th 2016:

We are in the final stage of removing us from all Social Media.. The last account on the horizon to be completely deleted will be our VK page, but Russian laws are different so it will vanish completely in the end of December. This is just a part of a Scheme we have, so don't be insulted if we have disappeared from your favorite social media platform. You can always find us here for as long as we are active with our projects. Thanks for understanding.

News on June 28th 2016:

More like a heads up this time, and very exciting to share with you all: The superb team developing the platform we use to create our sites, just told us they will be rolling out some new features at the end of this month. Really great, and going to be interesting to see what we will be able to do with that. Let's just say; seems like we have to be in the office all July and see what we can alter and change to improve our projects!

A big up this time to Ms Betty Bair from The Grid

News on August 29th 2016:

Holiday is over and we are back to work at Riino Labs. We are testing out v2 of the Beta version made by the Grid. Currently working hard to update to follow the roll out of new features and doing our best to present the best side of our sites as possible. We have to put in more work, but that’s how it is; nothing falls in your lap all ready ;)

News on September 15th 2016:

Been banging our heads over the grid today, only to find out what we was thinking was black magic, only was generating to little content for the Grid bot.. well, shame on us.. we learned another hack.. everything seems to be a “hackityhack”

News on January 2nd 2017:

We are starting the new year with some updates. Hopefully 2017 will be a creative year. Happy new year everybody!

News on January 28th 2017:

We now have the possibility to add “Collaborators” to our sites, so if you feel like working with us creating cool stuff and try out our software you can contact us.

We are also working now on soon 7 projects for ourselves and clients, so we are quite busy making good sites.

More updates will come on the fly. Check our “Projects” page to keep track of what we are up too. All links are fresh and under constant creation

News on April 10th 2017:

We have been experimenting quite a bit over the last few day’s and also started working again.. Hopefully you see us getting a tad bit more serious. We really don’t have all the time in the world, so we do our best.. Stay tuned and we will soon update you guys on the most important things

Site is also getting a massive update! Enjoy

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