RII team members

Team Members

Riino Labs is currently a one man company registered in Norway. However we are currently interviewing and putting together a team of "RII" members, that will operate and offer their services individually within our company homepage rii.no

You may apply to be included in our team by reaching out to us on email or by writing us by postal mail on the contact information provided in our site

We are now also able to offer people “Collaborator” status, and give you access to specific projects we are working on inside our The Grid account. So if you see a project (site/domain) in our portfolio you feel you want to work on, let us know.

New team members will be added if we find any good candidates

Learn more about the Riino Labs team:

CEO and founder: Olav Hovdhaugen, Norway

Brief introduction: I have been using computers since the age of eight and have been on and off the intranet/internet since 1988 at the age of ten. Special interest field: Internet concepts and ideas put into system. Have followed the creation of the internet since 1988, and seen the Internet as we know it today been created. Have had numerous brainstorms a long the way on a wast amounts of projects, and have been researching, testing, consulting and introducing ideas to people for many projects in my life both online and offline.

Education stuff that can come in handy: Organization theory, Business Classes, Social Science, Languages, Computer classes, Music.

Personal Skills relevant to what I offer at this company: Thinking Big! Coming up with ideas and solutions and putting these into system and follow up ideas as they evolve. I also research and read a lot on a wide range of subject to keep updated on what is going on in the tech world and other things that interest me.

Yearly salary for our CEO is currently set at a flat rate of 1 (one) NOK

Any funds generated from our services will be reinvested or given to causes we believe in or simply be re circled into paying for our expenses running the company domain portfolio and server costs etc. We can also donate our time to projects we believe in.

The hourly fee for consulting services from Olav, is currently set at 250,00.- NOK pr hour.

You will be billed in agreement with our CEO to either bank or PayPal for services provided from Olav. Or given the option to donate funds to a charity of our choice: on ordering a consultation gig from Olav. We will agree and set the terms for that ahead before I take on any Consultation jobs.

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